A fully integrated HCM with Benefits, Compliance and Marketplace

Everly HR is a fully integrated Human Capital Management, Benefits Administration and a Marketplace Platform built for the way companies, employers, brokers and insurance providers should interact … Read more

Human Resource Management

Core and Strategic HR management components integrated for seamless use, 360° views of workforce, 24/7 access for employees and management,
workflows streamlined, communication consolidated.



Robust benefits administration with automated open enrollment, carrier connectivity (EDI) for businesses small and large, digital forms and more. Automation for efficiency for employers, employees & benefit brokers. Reduced errors and admin workforce hours.



Unique to Everly’s HCM is the integrated benefits marketplace—an all-in-one, retail-like shopping experience offering employees access 365 days per year to benefits and perk options that will make their lives better.



ACA and other regulatory compliance requirements are carried out with reporting tools and resources that reduce risk of non-compliance and potential fees and legal problems.

A complete hcm software – made simple

Scalable, customizable—efficiency and efficacy: HR administration to employee self-service, empower employees to maximize professional outcomes and reduce tedious and confusing tasks. Increase information flow, reduce confusion and reduce room for error through automation.


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HR Departments do not just need their jobs to be more streamlined and automated, HR tools need to make all employees’ jobs more efficient and productive. Everly HR can help free up professionals’ time to contribute to more strategic business operations.

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