About Everly HR

Everly HR is a fully integrated Human Capital Management, Benefits Administration and a Marketplace Platform built for the way companies, employers, brokers and benefits providers should interact. The Everly platform is built with your entire organization in mind offering extreme flexibility and ease of use. HR professionals can maximize efficiency and increase contributions to overall business results. Measurable savings in time and resources obtained through automation and powerful analytics—empowering smart decision making company-wide. Engage employees by making their lives simpler for maximum productivity and satisfaction. Scalable so Everly HR grows with you—limitless potential means you never need another HCM platform.

Why Everly?

Everly is an employee engagement focused Human Capital Management platform. Our vision at Everly is to execute and deliver a Transformational Human Capital Management Platform. Today, on both the personal and professional level, people interact in many different forms and through various media; however, when it comes to a platform that is designed to connect humans, most (if not all) HCMs miss the mark on how that interaction in conducted and how value is created.
We designed Everly as a platform that is focuses on bringing value to employees, employers, brokers and all other participating stakeholders in the full Human Capital Management lifecycle.
Our vision is realized by beginning with identifying the right candidates, engaging them to provide them benefits at every level, all while looking at ways to increase productivity and efficiency and simultaneously reducing costs.
Everly’s Transformational Platform is built on an Agile approach building value by releasing new features and interfaces frequently and on-demand. We are not focused on packing the platform with hundreds of features and functions, but rather focused on the value that is sought after by all stakeholders represented in the User Experience and technology that ties all stakeholders together.

Our focus at Everly is on the following initiatives when building its platform:

  • Develop a system that engages employees rather than keeps track of their status
  • Focus on transforming key aspects of the HR functions by modernizing many of the traditional functions such as Recruiting, Performance Management, Time Tracking and Benefits
  • Design an Analytics-driven platform, not just report generation
  • Develop a Mobile Strategy, not just a Mobile Accessible Platform

Everly is the first fully comprehensive HCM system including powerful data analytics and a robust BenAdmin with unique marketplace seeking to meet the needs and wants of both employer groups AND the brokers who provide valuable services. Why meet only one interest’s needs? The solution is here! Employers and employees, and brokers and HR and Benefits Consulting firms, can all win with Everly. The old adage of win-win is now multiplied into win-win-win and win again…Employer, employee, broker, consultant, and the trickle down to the family members and lifestyle of each individual who may be an end-user of Everly’s HCM.

Everly’s focus is and will continue to be a highly engaging user experience that makes communication intelligent, seamless, timely and valuable.

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HR Departments do not just need their jobs to be more streamlined and automated, HR tools need to make all employees’ jobs more efficient and productive. Everly HR can help free up professionals’ time to contribute to more strategic business operations.

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