Employers need to make the best of their time and money, examine the many challenges that are facing both employers and employees and focus on solving these challenges through a platform that answers strategic questions including:
  • Are we efficiently on-boarding candidates and giving them an engaging and collaborative user experience that represents your corporate culture and ensure the highest level of productivity?
  • Are we truly and effectively monitoring our employee’s performance and conducting effective reviews that go far beyond an annual Q&A
  • Are we getting the full value of our benefits and are we paying for only the benefits we use rather than drowning in the confusing world of benefits management and enrollment and paying for benefits and members that we should not be paying for?
  • Are we in compliance with all regulatory requirements?
  • Are we properly identifying learning opportunities and providing those to our employees on-demand?
  • Are we able to reach our employees anywhere and at any time and bring them value through a mobile engagement capability?
  • Are we using an intelligent platform that automates time consuming, repetitive tasks?
  • Are we getting true data analytics that guide our decision making process and influences our strategic direction or do we just have reports about the past?

These are only a few of the challenges that the Everly Platform addresses and will continue to address.

With Everly, you have…

  • An end-to-end, simple and easy-to-use cloud-based platform.
  • The tools necessary to automate and streamline administrative tasks.
  • The ability to free up HR professional’s time to contribute to more strategic business operations.

This is achieved with…

  • Electronic Onboarding making new employees feel valued and engaged.
  • Electronic Offboarding ensuring you will never be burdened with incomplete reporting to carriers and paying for employees who have separated from the company—often months ago.
  • Cobra Administration for continued compliance.
  • A benefit marketplace for employees’ needs at all points of the employment life-cycle—at all times of the year—not just during Open Enrollment.
  • Your employees’ one point of access to find all their benefits and perks

Everly eases implementation burdens by…

  • working with Brokers offering advantageous-for-all implementation,
  • engaging in relationships with Carriers reducing the complexity of the implementation process
  • providing automation, security and privacy.

Everly is transforming the way Human Capital Management Platforms are developed and used by designing each aspect of the platform to the way people communicate and interact thus brining value at every opportunity. HR professionals in all industries are transforming from administrative and task-oriented cogs to being innovative strategic business contributors within their companies.

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HR Departments do not just need their jobs to be more streamlined and automated, HR tools need to make all employees’ jobs more efficient and productive. Everly HR can help free up professionals’ time to contribute to more strategic business operations.

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