Why Partner with Everly?

Grow your book of business and help your existing clients with your own branded marketplace module on each Client’s dashboard.


Brand your own market place in each client’s HCM Benefits Administration module.


Brokers provide a service most employers cannot live without. Brokers work tirelessly often dedicating staff members to cumbersome enrollment processes and paperwork. Lack of automation and connectivity means staff-hours are lost on administrative tasks, rather than marketing and selling products to existing customers and finding new customers. With Everly’s HCM, the BenAdmin platform solves as many of your headaches as it does your clients’. Free up your staff’s time to market and sell your entire inventory of products.

Help Employers Help Themselves to Grow Their Business and Grow Their Workforce—This will benefit your bottom line as well.

Benefit Consultants & HR Consultants

Automate, consolidate, streamline HR management and much more.


Consultants seek to meet employers’ needs by offering the best possible solutions to problems they have—and may not even know they have. These recommendations come with the objective to increase, grow and make more efficient their clients’ businesses using effective tools, methodologies, technologies and strategies. Consultants seek to keep a repertoire of resources they believe in that can match the needs of their clients.

See how Everly HR can be a valuable tool to meet your clients’ needs to automate, consolidate and streamline HR management and tasks as well as contribute to business analysis and decision making.

Retain current clients and increase business meeting their enrollment needs and choices.

Dedicate staff to finding new clients using Everly as a selling tool—a value added proposition.

Ease compliance burdens and stress with Everly’s compliance tools.

Upsell and cross-sell your entire inventory of products directed to any particular employer group.

Trigger alerts for life events that match your products to the individual to meet his or her potential needs.

Allow all employees 24/7 access to shopping your inventory with their single-sign-on.

Reduce time and labor spent in the office with cumbersome enrollment processes and its generated errors with Everly’s Automation.

Brand and market to all employees within every group you serve—market your entire inventory of products directly on groups’ use of Everly HCM.

Offer your clients a tool that helps THEM conduct their businesses with greater ease, productivity and growth potential.

Retain individuals as customers even after they leave an employer group.

Expand your stream of revenue.

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HR Departments do not just need their jobs to be more streamlined and automated, HR tools need to make all employees’ jobs more efficient and productive. Everly HR can help free up professionals’ time to contribute to more strategic business operations.

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