Everly HR is a fully integrated Human Capital Management, Benefits Administration and a Marketplace Platform built for the way companies, employers, brokers and benefit providers should interact.


Human Resource Management

Core HR


Human Resource Management

Strategic HR







Core HR

Core HR functions of Human Resource Management includes employee databases with access for all users, employee self-service as well as manager self-service. Moreover, all
departments can leverage to communication tools, document repositories and analytics capabilities with permissions settings. Take your Core HR tools and use them for more
than just administration—leverage data for business analysis and decision making. Automation means making all employees’ jobs simpler and more efficient, not just the HR


Benefits Administration and Open Enrollment

  • Reduce paperwork, work hours and errors.
  • Access options, choices and costs for all employees.
  • Gain overall strategic view and increase employee satisfaction.

Employee Self-Service

  • Access and manage benefits 24/7.
  • View streamlined communication and managed tasks.
  • Access to paystubs.

Manager Self-Service

  • Utilize efficient processes for strategic decision making.
  • Access respective staff for workflow and engagement.
  • Provide managers management oversight tools

Tools for Data Analytics

  • Access 100+ standard, benefits, ad hoc payroll and finance, performance, industry certifications and more.
  • Generate custom reports.
  • Export reports to Excel or send from email.


  • Utilize Dashboard for Newsfeed.
  • Post and share company documents.
  • Centralize tasks with Task Manager.

Strategic HR

Strategic HR includes additional features that offer HR professionals and the entire company’s executives and management expanded capabilities reaching further into the
intricacies of the company. Integrating more data to provide powerful analytics within one platform, Everly expands your view and knowledge of your data and its analysis.
Consolidate the location of Core data along with training, performance management, talent, even recruiting and onboarding for a single location, just to name a few. Integrate
with time and attendance and payroll resulting in a robust reservoir of data from which to draw the most powerful data and apply comprehensive analytic views of your
business to make strategic, business-wide decisions more quickly with a more complete set of facts.


Time & Attendance

  • Use Everly HR Time and Attendance or interface with existing system upon verification with vendor.
  • Automate time-off requests, approvals, tracking.
  • Streamline workflows. Generate standard and ad hoc reports for compliance, tracking, trends and behavior.

Payroll Interface

  • Interface with virtually any payroll system upon verification of set up with vendor.
  • Set up expense reports. Manage group, department or union shifts and rules.
  • Access to tax reporting, compliance reporting, various analysis measures.

Recruiting/Applicant Tracking & Onboarding

  • Post internal job requisitions.
  • Track applicants and use paperless onboarding.
  • Manage and communicate with applicants, hiring managers, recruiters.

Performance Management

  • Configure performance review processes.
  • Set notifications for review processes and due dates. Hire, manage, develop and reward employees for high performance and productivity.
  • Set goals, track reviews, measure progress for managing and developing talent.

Training/Professional Development

  • Enjoy easy to use, flexible features to track training needs, offerings and completion.
  • Define internal and external training opportunities.
  • Record keeping and tracking of licenses and certifications due dates and durations and allow Employees access from Self-Service.

Enhanced Reporting and Analytics

  • Draw on all modules and integrated systems data for unique and robust reporting.
  • Produce and analyze innovative insights across departments.
  • Strategically use cross-functional data for limitless business growth and expansion.


Everly’s Benefits Administration platform includes automated open enrollment, carrier connectivity (EDI) for businesses small and large, digital forms and more. Automation
engages efficiency for employers, employees and benefit brokers. Automation reduces admin workforce hours and errors to fix for employers, brokers and carriers. Reductions in
errors and wasted time also means lowering costs and reallocating staff time to more productive tasks. Everly works closely with Carriers and Brokers to ease the
implementation process as well, thus saving valuable HR professionals’ time, energy and headaches.


Benefits Administration

  • Automate life event changes with a single access point.
  • Benefit from EDI carrier connectivity for groups small and large (advantageous for employers and brokers!).
  • Reduce paperwork, workforce hours, and errors.
    Gain an overall strategic view of employee choices, satisfaction and costs.

Open Enrollment

  • Interface with virtually any payroll system upon verification of set up with vendor.
  • Set up expense reports. Manage group, department or union shifts and rules.
  • Access to tax reporting, compliance reporting, various analysis measures.

Digital Forms

  • Use digital tools to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.
  • Reduce time spent and increase privacy with digital forms efficacy.
  • Provide simple, easy access for employees to enroll or make changes.
  • Reduce headaches and paper-filing nightmares including security and privacy concerns.


Everly’s unique HCM includes the integrated benefits marketplace. This all-in-one, retail-like shopping experience offers employees access 365 days per year to benefits and
perk options that will make their lives better. Research continually proves employees with high satisfaction rates on their company’s engagement with them as people,
providing more avenues for them to make their own lives and families stable, means less stress and more productivity in the workplace. The integrated Marketplace allows
employees to see all benefits and perks they have access to in one place. Never miss an opportunity to provide a valuable resource to every individual and family in an
employer’s group. Brokers are eager to engage with their inventory of resources and products and employers can include other employer-sponsored programs and
relationships with vendors in a consolidated location. Employees have one sign-on to make to access all their opportunities.


Intelligent Product-Employee Life Changing Events matching

  • Trigger access to beneficial products based on life-event changes made in the HCM.
  • Allow brokers to customize inventories of products to meet specific group needs.
  • Automate communication of benefits and perks.

Stand Alone and Employer-Sponsored Benefits

  • Consolidate all benefits and perks employees are entitled to in one portal
  • Reduce multiple sign-on requirements that frustrate employees.
  • Never miss an opportunity to alert an employee of a benefit or perk.

Voluntary and non-voluntary benefits

  • Allow employees to access programs year round.
  • Engage employees participate with ease in various benefit programs.
  • Make available with ease participation in all benefits outside Open Enrollment’s period.

Products for Life’s Changes

  • Encourage employees to access the inventory even when life events are not relative to the HCM (got a pet and need pet insurance, need ID Theft protection after credit card theft, etc.).
  • Make employee’s lives less stressful (thus increasing productivity) with offerings of products that meet individual needs.
  • Never have an employee lament, “I never knew we had that opportunity!”


Compliance for a variety of state, industry, Federal and ACA regulatory demands and proper reporting is key for the success of any business. Everly’s resources include tools
and functionalities drawing on the integrated data in the entire HCM system to ensure your company can identify gaps, solve them, run reports, and complete compliance and
meet regulatory and compliance demands.



  • Use Everlys HCM’s unique and fully integrated data access to generate necessary reporting for ACA compliance completion.
  • Use Everly HCM’s integrated data for a variety of compliance and regulatory needs outside of ACA but relative to your state and/or industry.

Resources & Tools

  • Access resources and tools to ensure your company is following compliance and reporting requirements.
  • Enjoy up-to-date news feeds and inventory of articles and new alerts and information on compliance issues.

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