Our Technology

Technology—specifically its implementation—is at the heart of Everly’s user-centric focus. The system is designed to create a rich, intuitive user
experience for employees while also providing valuable insight to employers, brokers and carriers. Using an Agile approach, the Everly team continually
improves the platform based on user feedback and customer needs analyses. Everly is committed to its partners to move HCM beyond data
management and provide a platform that aids in decision making processes.



Everly’s HCM is a 100% cloud-based SaaS technology. This means, first, as long as you and your employees have internet access, you have access to the system, and second, Everly is completely scalable and will grow with your company: No need to worry about storage or performance limitations. As your organization grows, this product will adapt along with you as you add locations, departments, employees, etc.

Designed as a true SaaS model, no need to install anything on your computer; all you need is a web browser and the proper user credentials to access the system.

Built on top of a cloud infrastructure, Everly’s platform offers your organization unlimited scalability.

Equipped with system upgrades and improvements transparent to you, the user.

Template-Driven Implementation

Anyone who has been through implementation processes knows an HR system implementation can be painful. Everly will provide you with easy-to-populate templates that can be quickly uploaded to the system. Once this process is complete, you can immediately login and see your company’s data—all ready to use!

Cleanly laid out, encrypted Microsoft Excel templates will be provided.

EverlyHR will work with you to ensure a successful data population.

After initial implementation, all functionality to add/modify/remove data is available within Everly.


Workflow Capabilities

Everly has 50+ pre-defined built-in workflows. For example, if an employee changes marital status, the HR Admin assigned to that employee will receive a notification and be asked to approve the change. However, we know all companies operate differently, so if you don’t see any need for an “approval” step the process can be customized to fit your company’s needs. The real power of the workflow engine built into Everly is the automation of processes that otherwise would be the responsibility of HR professionals to manage manually.

Modify Process Models by adding steps, removing steps, or modifying the function of a step.

Automate steps: let the system perform an action. Set a notification (send an email to a manager) or an approval (notify the manager that a request awaits their approval).

Assign steps to an individual (direct manager of employee making the request) or to a user role (employee’s HR Admin or HR department).

Easy Customization

All companies are unique, and Everly embraces that uniqueness! Everly’s HCM is as customizable as possible for this reason. If you only track time & attendance in one specific way throughout your company, spare your employees the other options cluttering their screens. A more serious application of this customization is making sure you have the proper security settings in place. User Roles can be customized to fit your
company’s hierarchy and assigned to your employees accordingly.

Rename the main modules to fit your organization: e.g., your organization refers to training as Employee Development, thus the Training module can be so renamed.

Remove menu options that do not pertain to your organization for a clean user experience.

Add custom fields if your organization needs to track a piece of data that does not already appear.


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HR Departments do not just need their jobs to be more streamlined and automated, HR tools need to make all employees’ jobs more efficient and productive. Everly HR can help free up professionals’ time to contribute to more strategic business operations.

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